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Our Story

The Blue Wave Poetics are a Rhode Island based Hip Hop Collective, formed in 2018.  This union of talented creators & collaborators set their sights upon a journey of self-expression, community building, and making their own contributions to the art they love.


The history of BWP does not begin in 2018 however. In 2016, two members of the collective, producer Counterphit and rapper/producer Day Andrade (Day Andrade) came together to form the tandem known as "Half & Half". The duo’s first & only project “Dope Beats Dope Rhymes” was released independently on 24 November 2017. That same year, rapper/artist Cam Farias began his partnership with the two and created a hard-working trio. Cam Farias would later name the collective the next year. 


During the early months of 2018, rapper/artist Shaun Liberated (Shaun Lib) joined the cast and made his mark with the guys at several open mic events around Rhode Island. Also in 2018, seasoned veteran, rapper/artist $piff (Victor Randall) joined forces with BWP Later that year, with the help of (executive member) Joe Gomes, BWP welcomed in Lawrence, Massachusetts native Starling (Estarlyn Hirado) and Lynn, Massachusetts native PRDX. KING (Kingsley Metelus). 


Following an incident at a local studio, where every recording session the group had was lost, BWP begin to take the DIY approach,  and recorded in Joe’s college dorm room. While developing the tools needed to make quality music, BWP worked on honing their craft and practiced engineering, mixing and mastering. The work never stopped as they relocated to the home (basement) of Day Andrade and continued their efforts rigorously. 


In the summer of 2019, BWP made the transition to the stage and performed at several live events in Providence including the PVD Festival, On The Lawn Festival, and the Fringe Festival. BWP also hosted a charity event for the homeless in Rhode Island with the Hungry Fridays organization, at the coveted nonprofit venue, AS220. 


Since then, the collective has been keeping busy and making more music than ever. As a whole, the groups mission of community building has yet to digress and in June 2020, The Blue Wave Poetics Studio, located at 255 Main Street Pawtucket RI, opened to the public. Offering the lowest prices and the best services, BWP Studio is a safe-haven for artists and creatives alike. Going forward, the Blue Wave Poetics look to always impact the community, the state, and the world in a positive light. BWP does it for the love and for the place they call home!

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